Monday, May 4, 2009

Ringing Video Contest (and Audio now on-line)

my e-chapbook "Ringing" (free on line) now has audio of me reading the poems).... and Kitchen Press is running a video contest....

here are the guidelines:

"Kitchen Press is now accepting submissions of short home-made videos to accompany individual poems from Rauan Klassnik's on-line chapbook "Ringing"

The six winning videos will be posted on the Ringing website and the six winning authors (video makers) will receive their choice of either one Black Ocean book or two Kitchen Press chapbooks (subject to availability) shipped to a U.S. address.

Deadline: June 15, 2009 (winners to be announced and videos posted to website shortly thereafter).

Rules: there are no rules.

Guidelines and Preferences:

1- send all inquiries and submissions to ringingvideo(at)

2- Three or less videos per submission

3- One Video per email. So, if you're submitting 2 videos please send 2 emails.

4- Each Video should correspond to an individual Ringing poem. (There are 19 of them, including cover poem, Death Poems, End-Page poem)

5- Each Video should incorporate, in some form, the words of its corresponding poem

6- If you would like us to send you the mp3 file(s) of Rauan reading one or more of the poems please send an inquiry. You can listen to these on the Ringing website.

7- Since the Ringing poems are short (and the mp3 files of Rauan reading them range from 5-22 seconds only) we'd prefer short videos.

8- All levels of sophistication are welcome"

Hoping to get lots of video submissions so please help spread the word. Tell friends. Post on blog(s), etc.... Thanks

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