Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Red Moon

Tonight the mountains turned a shade of purple they sometimes do round the Red Sea. I watched bats feeding. Sometimes they skim down over the water when it's dark blue. Anne Frank believed people are basically good when she didn't believe they're not. People die in the woods hunting. People die in bed fucking. People die pissing on each other. You can walk down to the sea. You can sit down and pray. The Red Sea has beautiful boardwalks. The one here's not so bad. Sometimes Mayan Witches swirl down out of the sky and ask you for money. Iguanas climb up into the moon and it turns red. There are 700,000 homeless dogs. Wagging their tails and prancing on their back feet. There are bells ringing in their eyes. One day I dumped them in the sea and it hasn't stopped barking.

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