Sunday, May 3, 2009

$8100 and rising!

Tao Lin is selling his MySpace account on Ebay.
(auction ends in about 30 minutes)

here's the lot's description:

This auction is for NYC-author Tao Lin's Myspace account.

The winner will receive Tao Lin's Myspace account's email and password, gaining (1) access to Tao Lin's ~1500 Myspace friends and (2) a percentage, maybe .5% - 5%, of Tao Lin's internet presence/identity. This transfer of internet presence/identity is "concrete," or "actual," in that Tao Lin will not engage in any behavior that will inhibit the new owner's access/range/freedom to "do whatever" with/to Tao Lin's Myspace account (in a manner Tao Lin "himself" might "do whatever" with/to), including but not limited to [anything that can be thought of]. Tao Lin will not edit his Myspace page in any way from as it now exists. *HOWEVER* Immediately before Tao Lin transfers the account to the winner Tao Lin will make one bulletin post saying that the Myspace page,, is now "being controlled" by "a different entity." The bulletin will be vague. Probably less than 150 people will read it and less than 30 people will focus "hard enough" to know what it is conveying. *BUT* If bidding exceeds $666 no such bulletin will be made, people will "simply" not know that anything has happened, as they continue to Myspace message "fan mail" or "requests to hang out" or [3-5 other things that get messaged to sometimes], write on's wall, and friend request

If you have questions go to the following post on Tao Lin's Tumblr account:

a post on Tao Lin's Tumblr where you can ask questions or anonymously shit-talk

and post your questions in the comments section, where anonymous comments are allowed, and Tao Lin will answer your questions within 24 hours.

Tao Lin (b. 1983) is the author of the forthcoming novella SHOPLIFTING FROM AMERICAN APPAREL (Melville House, Sept. 2009) and four previous books

Paypal is accepted.


Tao Lin, CEO
Tao Lin Store ™

and, here are the most recent bids:

1***m US $8,100.00 May-03-09 15:44:24 PDT

a***y US $8,000.00 May-03-09 15:31:52 PDT

1***m US $8,000.00 May-03-09 15:44:14 PDT

l***m US $7,500.00 May-03-09 15:44:04 PDT

l***m US $7,000.00 May-03-09 15:43:46 PDT

1***m US $6,500.00 May-03-09 15:43:37 PDT

l***m US $6,000.00 May-03-09 15:43:28 PDT

l***m US $5,500.00 May-03-09 15:43:03 PDT

l***m US $5,000.00 May-03-09 15:42:51 PDT

l***m US $4,000.00 May-03-09 15:42:08 PDT

1***m US $3,500.00 May-03-09 15:41:01 PDT

l***m US $3,000.00 May-03-09 15:40:51 PDT

1***m US $2,500.00 May-03-09 15:39:40 PDT

l***m US $2,000.00 May-03-09 15:39:28 PDT

l***m US $1,500.00 May-03-09 15:39:17 PDT

l***m US $1,000.00 May-03-09 15:39:08 PDT

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