Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Fool: Rauan Klassnik is not important

Reb Livingston dreams about me. And writes about it on her blog.

Reb (in a dream not involving Rauan Klassnik) says she was "underwater playing some kind of fish game."

Reb says "Rauan Klassnik is not important."

Reb's No Tell Motel is open to submissions now.

Reb reads lots of books about dreaming.

Reb wants to approach life as a fool.

A few nights ago I dreamed about some baby hummingbirds I found in a man-made nest under a wooden deck in an abandoned lot. They looked like baby Love Birds. Two men who'd looked quite threatening a moment before were suddenly telling me all about hummingbirds. I think the lot was Clayton's.

In other news:
I washed my dog today.

(p.s. Reb's a very good friend.)

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