Thursday, May 7, 2009

Goransson Goes after Hoagland (and Wojahn)

Goransson goes after Hoagland for his comments about younger poets.

And doesn't like what Wojahn has to say either.

check it out. and check out the Comments Stream for both posts. Some good back and forth.

I saw that hack (Hoagland) at an Austin AWP Panel where he talked about the sort of poetry many young poets are writing. Poetry he's not so excited about. All I remember's him being so damned fucking smug. O, yeah, I remember him reading a poem and then saying something like:

I admire the total contempt this poem has for me
I admire the complete disregard blah blah
I admire blah blah blah

Most of the audience were lapping it up.
I was throwing up.
(chunks of Donkey Gospel, etc, etc)


Ross Brighton said...

Donkey Gospel. Not something I eat on a regular basis, but each to their own....

I prefer lepers. and leopards. and leprous leopards.

ken baumann said...

Thanks for posting this, Brother K.

sam pink said...

fuck tony hoagland.