Monday, May 4, 2009

The Art of the Blurb - Raped by A Sharp Object

On his blog, Eunuch Blues, Brian Foley (self-described as a "sharp object) goes after the Art of the Blurb.

The Mockingbird Blurb!

(and proves that he is indeed a sharp object.)

The phrase that caught my eye and adrenaline's "blowing on a rape whistle."

On a similar note, here (on my Facebook Group for Holy Land) is how I introduce my book's blurbs

"My woman says there is no one whom she'd rather marry
than me, not even Jupiter, if he came courting,
That's what she says-- but what a woman says to a
passionate lover
ought to be scribbled on wind, on running water."

(Catullus, translated by Charles Martin)

that being said, to follow are the blurbs on the back
of "Holy Land"

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Ross Brighton said...

That conversation made my day. Really. My brain has been raped with candyfloss, and everything attempt to read from now on will leave me cold and unsatisfied in post-orgasmic comedown.