Friday, April 24, 2009

Working Out--- And Screaming Like You're Being Fucked Up Against a Wall, Through the Wall, and into Fucking Oblivion.......

I've been working out twice a week. That's a lot for me. A lot more than fucking nothing. And working out pretty hard I think.

I ride the bike for half an hour and then I lift weights for an hour.

When I've been riding the bike for a while and my heart's been clicking away at 140-150 (I'm so proud of this. How pathetic! I am such a loser!---this is my Sam Pink thing) and the endorphins are flooding my pathetic little brain, I imagine a bird releasing from my heart, out through my chest, and flying out over the gym savannah (and no, I don't start singing Erasure's Blue Savannah Song) and I am the bird, flapping, flapping, flapping.

Well, anyways, today the gym's biggest loser gym-rat chick comes over to use the machine in front of "my" bike. She's the type who's always looking at herself in the mirror. Between sets, during sets, whenever. She works out 3-4 hours every day. At least. And she's in great shape and she wears very little clothing and she is a birdbrain. (what does that say about me flying over the savannah? That's beside the point).

And she is ugly. And she must be on medication. And I don't know why she hasn't been thrown out permanently because there've been thousands of complaints filed against her and today she is screaming. Really screaming. I've got my Ipod on and the volume's on maximum but I can hear her loud and clear and she is screaming. Really screaming.

Not a weightlifter's grunt. She's screaming like she's getting fucked. I mean really fucked. Driven-into-a-wall fucked. And this happens over and over again each time she brings the weights down like a gigantic cock driving up into the center of her pathetic birdbrained body.

And between sets, now, she is standing up, now, right in front of me, legs spread apart and she is cupping her breasts and she is staring right at me. (there's a mirror behind me). And this goes on forever.



people at the gym freak me out

its like they are behind glass or something, acting like they'll never see you again, though you keep seeing them again

groddy to the max


Rauan Klassnik said...

we have quite the "groddy" collection here, Blake, quite the collection...

but this birdbrained banana's our Queen of Grod for sure....