Sunday, April 12, 2009

Peach-Faced Love Birds

My hotel room key's got three yellow peach-faced Love Birds on it. This is a sign. A sign the sun is shining in me. My room here is filled with light. And soft white sheets. The breakfast eggs were beautifully disgusting. The honeydew melon pieces nearly frozen through. But they thawed quickly in the sun inside me.

I am going to whistle all day long. I am going to splash in the water. I'm going to sit in the sunlight. My sunlight. And preen all day long. All day long.

And when night comes and sleep comes I will not be sleeping. I will be whistling in the light of my sun. Blah, blah, blah-- damn, it's so beautifully damned blah being a Love Bird, whistling, preening, splashing. I highly recommend it.

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xTx said...

So nice. So very nice.