Friday, April 3, 2009

Dallas, Texas -- Romantic Town?

In life you can't count on too many things, but you can count on Adam Pitluk.

Adam's latest brilliant offering is now available at AmericanWay:
his newest editor's note, entitled "Lone Star Long Haul."

Here Adam talks about moving to Big D, Dallas, Texas.

"We were excited about the prospect of relocating to Dallas, a city that intrigued us, thanks to the TV show of the same name."

Can you believe it?-- this is exactly what my family and I thought when we moved from South Africa to Dallas in 1980!

Adam was, though, a little concerned about "a city more defined by shopping and nightlife rather than by mountains and an ocean" but, but, but, "Dallas did have the Cowboys, and any city that Roger Staubach called home was good enough for us."

This is getting downright eerie. My dad said exactly the same thing when we were grumbling on the boat over.

Now, years later, Adam's really happy and all settled in and he's "not trying to wax poetic, but there’s something romantic about living in a Texas town."


Yes ma'am, when I think of "Romance" I think of flowers and champagne and sweet kisses, etc, etc, but I also think of Knights in Shining Armor and Cowboys with beautiful hats.

And for me Adam Pitluk is "Romance."

A real prose gunslinger.

A Knight-King spilling his heroic wax-words all over his kingdom.

Like I said you can't rely on many things. But you can rely on Adam Pitluk.

Adam Pitluk spurring his silver tongue into my soul and heart.

O, Adam!

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