Thursday, April 2, 2009

All the Messiah poems at Sub-Lit

Four of my "All the Messiahs" poems are in the new issue of Sub-Lit.

It's nice to see that other poets I've met recently (Donald Dunbar and Tyler Flynn Dorholt) and not-quite-so recently (Brian Foley) are also featured here.

"All the Messiahs" is a sequence of about 18 poems I wrote while in Vienna, Rome and Sicily this past January. I lived with these poems for weeks and didn't use other notes to supplement, augment, distort, blah, blah. No Ipod. It felt good. And I like the poems. To read them go here.

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Anonymous said...

Hey man,

I really dig the new stuff up. I also dig being alongside yourself in the same journal. Cheers to continuing that!