Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pointers on Masturbation, etc---- An Interview

Just did a quick, fun and (hopefully) funny interview with Ryan Manning.

Here's an excerpt:

---Ryan Manning: did either of your parents ever talk to you about sex when you were growing up?

---Rauan Klassnik (Me): My mother bought me a Playboy and gave me pointers on masturbation. It was like she was describing how to put on a gas mask in WWI and then, suddenly, she was talking about the dying horses. It was agony. I had to pee.

The full interview's over at Thunk along with lots of other fun and funny interviews: people I know like Blake Butler, Brian Foley, Zach Schomburg, Andrew Lundwall, and other like Sam Pink, Ken Baumann, Ani Smith, etc, etc....

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