Sunday, April 12, 2009

South Bend--Cocaine on Penis--Kalamazoo

Have finished up my two-reading tour and am now back in the Love Bird motel.

Thursday night I read at a grad student's apartment in South Bend. Thanks Tasha for having us. And thanks Johannes for setting it up.

It was a great reading. I really enjoyed hearing Goransson read, again, and Joyelle for the first time. and Joe Hall for the first time also. Joe was a bit nervous and this made his reading really edgey. It was good.

Afterwards we sat and chatted with students and assistants. Glancing over at the bookshelf I noticed "Europeana" sticking out. (I bought this book recently because Blake Butler wrote it up and up on his blog. It's quite a book. Turns out one of the Notre Dame faculty has assigned it. Lucky students.)

Anyways, it ended up in Joe Hall's hands. "Open it up and start reading," I said, "Anywhere at all." (I said this because this is what someone told Blake Butler to do with it at AWP when he was considering buying it.)

So Joe start reading about the 70's in America and soon he was onto a bit about where men rubbed cocaine on to their penises to prolong intercourse. That was no lucky hit, though. Every page of Europeana is filled with Gems.

Read last night at the Book Arts Center in Kalamazoo (With Carrie Olivia Adams and Janet Holmes). It went well. Everyone very warm, welcoming. And picked up a copy of a beautiful broadside made for the occasion that has poems by the three of us on it.

And now back in Love Bird Motel licking my wings.



did you smell me behind you while you were reading?

it was one of the best nights i've ever gloaned

Rauan Klassnik said...

that was you? Damn it i thought that was just the smell of the cum trees wafting in... :)