Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dreamable Ron Silliman-- So So Dreamable

Tim Peterson (who hosted Silliman and Bartlett last night):

"Among the notable occurrences at the event was the fact that Ron sat down on the edge of the stage in front of me while I was introducing him, and when I remarked how weird this was, he pushed things further by reclining in a sultry, odalisque-like posture across the front of the stage, looking back at me, and held that pose for the rest of the intro. It was bizarre and kind of sweet at the same time, you know, unheimlich, etc etc."

I am turning into goosebumps
I am filled with rushes of "sultry" blood
I am odalisque
I am sultanic

And, now, now, now, I'm going to take a sultry and sultany nap and dream and dream and dream I'm enjoying a Harem-Scarem of Ron Sillimans. Enjoying and enjoying and enjoying.

(Hands off, Tim Peterson)


Radish King said...

Obviously he wasn't wearing heels or he never could have pulled it off.

Tim Peterson said...