Monday, April 20, 2009

Radio Interview Podcast (Holy Land, etc)

An interview I did with Shelagh Shapiro a few weeks back aired on 105.9FM in Burlington VT this afternoon. Shelagh's show is called Write the Book.

In case anyone's interested in listening the Podcast's available here

But, I must warn you: I mumble a lot and I ramble. Really ramble. After listening to this Podcast I went up to my wife, put my hands on her shoulders, looked her in the eye and said "I can't believe you married me."

That being said Shelagh has a beautiful voice, enunciates perfectly, and masks any what-the-fuck thoughts she might have had really well.

Shelagh asked some really good questions and now and then I might have had something insightful to say.

And, I read a few poems as well. A couple from Holy Land and a couple from Ringing

Excuses: I did the phone interview with Shelagh a few hours before heading to the airport. So, I was stressed out. I was also suffering from sinus headaches which plagued me for weeks. I could, like Madonna, go on and on. I could, like Madonna, fall off a horse right now... ouch!

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