Sunday, April 5, 2009

Christian Peet- Ringing (Crayons and Handwriting)

Over at his blog Christian Peet says a bunch of nice things about how Ringing looks and works.

To see what Christian has to say go here

Christian ends his post with

"Note: This award recognizes excellence in interface design. For a discussion of the merits of Rauan Klassnik's texts, art, or handwriting, please start your own."

------>>As the Dutch say "I have delicious handwriting." (ha ha)

On a related note, Christian's new book Big American Trip is available now.

Here's the description at SPD:

"Poetry. Assuming the form of postcards authored by an "alien" of unknown nationality, ethnicity, and gender, addressing a variety of people and organizations (political figures, multinational corporations, people in public toilets, et al), BIG AMERICAN TRIP is a startling document of fear and loneliness in the 21st century U.S. Whether deconstructing road signs, a failed relationship, or the state of contemporary poetry, the voice behind these texts is at once familiar and strange, determined to be free, and desperate to communicate with anyone who has ever felt at odds with the Language of a Nation. Christian Peet is the author of THE NINES and the publisher of Tarpaulin Sky Press."


I like crayons but I think I'm pulling a Rimbaud on them.

I have no idea what Christian's handwriting is. But, I'm guessing it is not "delicious" !!!

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