Friday, April 3, 2009

Inferior Dogs and Doves: Scheduling Readings

Like many things in the poetry "world" (or poetry "business") scheduling readings can be tough.

Here's the meat of an email I just received:

"Thanks for your query about a possible reading at the University of XXXXXXX Poetry Center. Our series is currated by a committee of people and scheduled out two years in advance. I'm happy to keep your CV and query email on file for those committee members who may be attentive to those writers interested in coming here for a reading."

note: as you can see the author of this note misspelled "curate,"
adding an extra "r"

So, (with lots of time on my hands) I decided to consult Merriam-Webster online

the word "Curr"-- "to make a murmuring sound (as of doves)"

the word "Cur"-- " 1 : a mongrel or inferior dog"
" 2 : a surly or cowardly fellow"

Kinda funny. I guess.

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