Monday, February 23, 2009

Poet or Fiction? (standard MFA-Mixer question): Chilango Drowns

Chilango drowns. "Chilango" means a guy from Mexico City. Kind of a derogatory term.

But, never mind all that.

I'm playing a new game now. Each time I see one of these dead-body pictures I'm going to ask myself the question "Poet or Fiction?"

Here I think it's quite simple.

You can't tell by looking. Or can you?

Okay, let's get serious now.

The fact that he drowned (couldn't swim) and that he had a seizure all point to Poet-Poet-Poet-Poet-Poet

BUT, he is a Chilango... Mexico City...and since Mexico City is the largest city in the world, and it is indeed a big deal, means something, has importance, currency, etc, then this guy was obviously Fiction....

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