Thursday, February 5, 2009

Benjamin Button: A Review (?)

More like Benjamin Boring. How many ways can you spell "Boring?" (My wife makes spaghetti many ways and it's never boring). And how many ways can I compare this to Forrest Gump? But Forrest Gump is so much more temperate than this spoon-fed summer's day. (Don't forget Titanic, Rauan. O, Rose! O, Rose!)

Okay, I saw Forrest Gump so long ago. At the Galleria in Dallas with Danny Dever. (Danny where are you now? In Phoenix still, feeding the masses?)

Okay, there are some beautiful scenes of Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett in their characters' primes (you could call them cheesy but I was filled with bright crayon sunset colors) but, god damnit, couldn't these have come 30 or 40 or 50 minutes earlier.

The pygmy character--- Jiminy Cricket !
Captain Mike---- Loo-tenant Dan
Daisy--- Rose. Ginny.

Hummingbird flying up out of the ocean--- ooooooooooo

And of course I didn't appreciate being brow beat by the anti-Dylan-Thomas-dying-of-the-light message.....okay, let's just sit on the dock, and watch the sun go down, and die.........yawn....

Note: while writing this I've been listening to young-lass (and young-ass too I guess) Amy MacDonald's "This is the Life." And now Cinco Minutos by Gloria Trevi. Trevi's made a comeback. She was in jail for helping whore out her dancers, or something like that. In one of her new songs (not Cinco Minutes) she dares the listener (presumably a younger man) to prove it to her. "I am the original," she scream-croons.

Gloria Trevi just oozes greasy trucker sex.

I got a bad feeling when I was in line to buy two tickets for Benjamin Button (screen 12, 8:05 PM, Cinepolis in Pitillal-- before Cinepolis and the adjoining shopping center there was a cockfighting ring here. this reminds me of the Kink's "Come Dancing.")

So, I got the bad feeling when I looked at the posters for "Bride Wars" (two cafe-knife wielding starlets) and "Marley and Me" (Jennifer Aniston hoisted up in Owen Wilson's arms. O, what chemistry !! I want to see them together on the big screen !!)

But, all in all, I am glad for the experience.

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