Wednesday, February 18, 2009

AWP: Visions I Saw and Did Not See

1) A train full of drunk genius poets spouting their shit (Sam Pink, Blake Butler, etc)

Drunk or not-drunk they were drunk!

2) Our waitress at the Tapas bar. Imagine Terry Hatcher squished down to about 2/3 her normal size. And her voice twisted up a bit.
Damn, she was sexy!

3) At Myopic, the sensitive and rugged figure of Larry Sawyer.

4) the Empty Bottle's crouched-over and sing-song watermelon-and-grapefruit poet. (Bravo!)

5) Joshua Harmon, ample-eyebrowed, making friends with the world one ant at a time.

6) The piece of Art over our table at the Tapas restaurant. In primary colors only, a bear standing behind a dolphin. A sexual position. But he's just taken a huge chunk out of the dolphin's back and red's pouring down.

7) Grey-haired Steve, musicologist, slamming his fist down on the table, as he proclaims The Smiths the band of the 80's (the Beatles the 60's, the Stones the 70's).

8) John, I think, darting in and out of people's legs (clutching a camera) like a wary rabbit.

9) A former teacher of mine hobbling around like Quasimodo. And I tried to feel bad for him. I did. I truly did.

10) A well-dressed bum (through a long, sad window) swearing at a lamppost for an hour and a half as the snow came down slowly.

11) The "suburban" and "ecstatic" Seth Abramson

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