Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Killer Buses (the scourge of PV)

the local blue and white buses of puerto vallarta are killers. I've heard tell of children (and others--- but children spikes the blood hardest, doesn't it?) run over by wild lunatic bus drivers, but this is my first photographic evidence.

an old lady done in by Bus U-63.

The problem is that drivers here don't get a salary. Or if they do it's a small base one and because they have families to feed, alcohol to drink, and the church to stand in and give tithing to they want as much business as possible.

And there are always lots of buses driving the same route at the same time so they're racing like crazed Mice-on-wheels (a bad Speedy Gonzalez image) to get to the next stop first.

And, so, lots of people are dead. Dead. Dead. Dead.

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