Friday, February 6, 2009

AmericanWay's Adam Pitluk Continues to Deliver!

Adam Pitluk, the editor of AmericanWay (American Airline's inflight magazine), is definitely one of my favorite living writers. Not necessarily one of the best. But I can't think of another writer whose work I more look forward to. (and lucky for me it comes out every two weeks.)

Gone, gone, gone---
gone are the days I called his writing "piss-poor" and "retarded."

Adam Pitluk is a showman, wordsmith, philosopher, psychologist, etc, etc
And I can't get enough of him....

Anyways, here, in the issue featuring Paula Abdul on its cover, are some excerpts from his latest offering, "Opposites Attract:"
(to get the complete Adam Pitluk reading experience click here)

1) "The memory is a fascinating instrument -- especially when coupled with the elements of time and space."

This is the first sentence of the Editor's Note and it shows once again that Adam likes to start off with a bang.

Bang! Bang!

So damned clever and so damned profound.

2) "I can remember third grade with more clarity and precision than I can all of 2005, and third grade was 25 years ago. Perhaps in 25 years, 2005 will creep back into my long-term memory, but in 25 years, I’ll be 57, so it’s hard to say."

weird. just weird. but gorgeously and fantastically weird.
and, yes, Adam, it's "hard to say."

3) "The days since the Abdul radio era have turned to months, and the months have turned to years."

Such a beautifully wistful tone. Reading this I can't help but think I'm in the presence of a master!

"the Abdul radio era"--- brilliant!

4) "Paula has resurged once again as an international phenom. Say what you will about her continuous metamorphosis as a household name..."

Adam at his best. No commentary needed.

5) "The music still isn’t my particular brand of tea, but each and every song of hers triggers a pleasant memory of my old life."

I love how Adam fearlessly disfigures cliches and adages.

6) "My old life helped me grow to understand that life throws curveballs."

a master of the succinct universal truth. i've got goosebumps.

7) "Still, I admire the life she’s lived and the memories she’s given me, and for that, Paula is forever my girl. There. I said it."

atta boy, Adam!!

And you, Adam, are forever my boy. There. I said it.

And, damn, do I feel good.

You are a drug, Adam. You are a drug!

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