Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Why God Permits Evil?" or "What about my Dog?"

In the bathroom of a seaside restaurant in Seaside, Oregon I found this flyer.

It doesn't give you the answer (I want to know, damnit, I want to know.) but it does tell you how you can get a free copy of a 24-page booklet that should "bring you much comfort and joy," and where, it says, "you will learn that God loves and cares for his human family."


What about my dog? and my birds? and my turtles?

Does God hate animals?

Are animals evil?

Maybe I do need to get this booklet!

here's the link


What really has me puzzled and scratching my head is that I found this right after I'd been engrossed and inspired by the Angry Cock Lover in "Exotic"

Perhaps I am ripe for the taking !!!

Take me, O Lord,
Take me!

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