Saturday, March 28, 2009

Knowing: 3 Good Minutes (a movie review- ?)

I went into the movie "Knowing" with some expectation. Bangkok Dangerous had made such an incredible impression on me but I was doubtful that Cage's inept acting could be as "expertly" showcased here. And, unfortunately, this turned out to be true.

Cage's acting was pathetic but there weren't too many laugh-out-loud moments. Though my wife did have to nudge me a few times.

In the middle of the movie I had to go to the bathroom. But the urinals looked so far away so I pissed on the floor. This was the highlight of the movie.

"Knowing" (here in Mexico they call this movie "Presagio") contains about 3 minutes of decent footage.

A plane crashing into a field.

A train derailing.

A wave of fire (form a solar flare) sweeping through NYC destroying everything including Nick Cage and his screen family embracing.

A little boy's alien-induced vision through his bedroom porthole-window: the woods on fire and a huge moose crashing through and exploding in fire.

Otherwise this movie (the rest of its 2 hours), is pretty much worthless. And it's not one of those "it's so bad it's good" movies. This movie just pretty much plain sucks.

(note: I did not actually piss on the bathroom floor.)


xTx said...

i can agree with this assessment.

also, you still need to watch Ghostrider....fucking brilliantly bad.

Rauan Klassnik said...

yes, Ghostrider is on my hit list!

xTx said...

i can't wait to hear your thoughts.