Thursday, March 26, 2009

Temptations----Move Past the Sex Stuff (?)

Everyone gets tempted. For me it's

a) to write sweeter. To be less violent, sexual. Monstrous. Shocking.
---fyi, I don't feel so monstrous. And I don't think I'm trying to shock. But people do keep accusing me of being a serial killer :) ---

b) to write the gore-and-sex crowd. easy to just shock. to be gratuitous.

Anyways, here's what my good friend Dean Gorman (poet, editor, songwriter, band frontman, etc) had to say to me (in emails) about violence and sex in my work

(speaking mainly of my e-chap Ringing)

"I think its an important part/component of your makeup, but i would just hate for it to be perceived as your "thing," as it were, by those not familiar with the entire breadth of your work. and, from reading through your new chapbook, you seem to be amping it up more than you did in Holy Land, which i think is a really good balance of beauty/insight/wonder and the darker side of humanity (sex, violence, humiliation, etc.).

that is my two cents. i would like to see you move past the sex stuff, or at least look at it from a different angle (which i think you have done at times). but maybe its just not for me, and that's fine. i'm sure there are many people who enjoy it (obviously there are). i guess it just can come off as pretty agressive at times. aggressive in the way it leaves you as a reader with your back to the wall, forced to listen, but not to engage or experience."

the above is Dean expanding on his original note to me that he had "less of a stomach for (the violent sex stuff) in (his) middle age."

My next chapbook is Dreaming and it comes out this summer from Scantily Clad Press.

Some of the poems in it are published at Coconut. If interested check them out here.

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xTx said...

i enjoyed those.
little dreams...
my favorite was the one with the girl in the Q dress (I can't spell that teenage hispanic milestone word)