Monday, March 23, 2009

The Geatest Dynasty ??? (Adam Pitluk, no contest),...

Adam Pitluk, my God and my Muse, has come through again over at AmericanWay

Here Adam sinks his philosophical teeth into "Dynasty."

And Adan starts off in fine form:

"I love a good dynasty. There’s something romantic about a long, extended, lingering stay at the top. A dynasty represents the voice of a certain time and place. Similarly, a time and place can be easily cited in the annals of history vis-à-vis a particular dynasty."

And then Adam talks about the following Dynasties:

1) The Zhou (1046 BC to 256 BC)

2) Full Tilt Poker
"Led by poker great Howard Lederer, Full Tilt has won 34 WSOP championships."

3) Stevie Wonder
in the '70s he was a "dynasty of Grammys"

4) The Beta Theta Pi fraternity at the University of Missouri
(a "local level" dynasty)

good stuff so far. damned good stuff. But then, sadly, Adam gets predictable on us.
(Sports Dynasties: Cowboys, Lakers, Yankees, etc,... yawn....)

But then it hit me. This is all kind of irrelevant. When Adam Pitluk talks "Dynasty" the real elephant in the room is Adam Pitluk himself. The real Dynasty. My God and My Muse! My Dynasty!

Let's talk a walk down memory lane (Adam at his best):

"The memory is a fascinating instrument -- especially when coupled with the elements of time and space." (in his note about Paula Abdul)


"It's as Marcus Aurelius believed in that everything existing 'is already disintegrating and changing.'" (The Winds of Change)

I am tingling!
Yes, in the presence of my god, my muse, and my "Dynasty"
I am tingling!

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