Saturday, March 14, 2009

Atlanta, Atlanta, Atlanta

Just spent two days in Atlanta and it was a great time. Last night I read along side Justin Taylor (who read a great story about killing a cat, sexual tension, etc, etc) in the Solar Anus Reading Series run by Jamie, Blake and Amy.

Afterwards we had dinner and drinks at Amy's (though I don't drink anymore.)
The food was great. thanks, Amy. For a moment it looked like we were going to hold hands and say Grace. But it didn't happen.

Everyone was really friendly, warm, welcoming.
There were lots of nice blossoming trees.
For two nights we talked late, smart and stupid.
And then I left.

Jamie (Iredell) gave me a copy of his Chapbook "Atlanta" which takes up where the flash fiction (prose poems) of "When I Moved to Nevada" left off.

I know some of Jamie's work has taken some flak for supposedly glorifying drugs and alcohol but, for me, in all the bars, booze, ass-cracks, blighted strippers, etc, etc, there is an emerging wisdom I really appreciate and sometimes envy.

And the work's filled with beautifully rendered moments. Sooner or later (and hopefully sooner) Jamie's going to find a home for this (Atlanta, When I Moved to Nevada, and more), or his other manuscript, and I am looking forward to it.

When my brother's showered we're going to have lunch. (and this is what Blogging's all about!)



awesome to hang out again. hopefully very soon again and again.

Jamie Iredell said...

Thanks again Ron. It was grat seeing you, and, like B says, I hoep we're doing it again soon, and more.