Sunday, March 8, 2009

Reasons I'm Back in Mexico

Reasons I'm back in Mexico:

1) Edith

2) I can buy shrimp, tomatoes and virgins off the backs of pickup trucks. They drive up and down the streets with loudspeakers. I am listening to a shrimp truck now. (just kidding about the virgins. they're not available in this area)

3) All these trees. This warmth. Red flowers burning.

4) Church bells, like dogs. They have no shame. I dance around in their piss and shit.

5) Atlanta seems more beautiful.

6) Crow's eyes. Really bright.

7) I can listen to Spanish Music and not feel like it's Chips and Salsa.

8) Death's a long-tailed iguana. No, not really. It's my mother. Singing me into sleep.

9) Giants throbbing with fire. Walking in their eyes. (huh?)

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