Monday, March 30, 2009

Into the Wild or Why I'm a Jerk

I have mixed feelings about giving up on this movie half way through and going downstairs to sit with my birds.

Actually, I don't have mixed feelings.

It was driving me crazy.

Most of the blame probably lies with the sister's voice overs. O, Lord!

And maybe those voice overs are why I felt myself being pulled inevitably into the garbage you hear when a young person dies, for example, skydiving:

......."He died the way he would have wanted".....blah blah blah
......."Doing what he wanted to do"........blah blah blah

Or maybe it's more than just the voice overs.

But, anyways, I got to thinking of what my friend Nate thinks of my birds. He thinks a few days of "freedom" (and then starving to death or getting ripped to shreds by a hawk or a green heron) would be better than a long, happy lifetime of chirping and squawking and hopping around in a big ol' cage with lots of toys to play with and destroy and all sorts of foods (and water) available and other birds within just a few meters.

So, I gave up on it.

Perhaps I was wrong. Maybe the movie became complicated and interesting.

O, Who cares?

I don't, at least. When you become so alienated from something it's best to walk away. And, besides, I really enjoy sitting with my birds. They seem so damned happy.

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