Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bangkok Dangerous (a review?)

My brother and I pay-per-viewed Nicolas Cage in Bangkok Dangerous because we figured it would be bad enough to be good and because it was listed as only 100 minutes long.

The movie, for the most part, kept our attention. Although we spent much of our time trying to figure out what exactly Cage looked like.

Here are some things we came up with:
"vagrant," "creepy," "retarded," "a druggie," and, probably the most accurate of the bunch, "a Frankenstein."

Cage has a knack for all sorts of subtle expression and nuance and here at his best he looked as bewildered as a caveman suspended in ice for 10,000 years and just now thawed out and squinting into the 21st century.

I absolutely cherished the bizarre and moody closeups of Cage (and I don't mean "cherish" in the way I enjoyed watching Madonna with short hair frolicking in the sea in her "Cherish" video. and, damnit, remembering that's bringing a sad damp cloth down over my little nostalgic soul right now).

Overall, Bangkok Dangerous was worth watching. Fantastically bad sometimes. Especially Cage's broody husky voice-over monologues which took me all the way back into the darkest corners of Apocalypse Now.

And whoever decided to make the local pharmacist love interest girl deaf was inspired. This stroke of genius led to one particularly surreal and ridiculous scene but overall, sadly, it was underexploited.

The movie, for all its spark, lagged in a way that, for example, "Taken" (a modern classic of this sort) did not.

So, I give it 3 1/2 stars.


ex tee ex said...

you should rent Ghostrider.

it's bad good.

Rauan Klassnik said...

my wife and I went to see Ghostrider in the theatres... but about 5 minutes in there were mechanical problems and they weren't sure how it was going to take to fix it so we bailed.....

so, i'm probably going to rent that soon !! thx for reminding me!!!

ex tee ex said...

it's so bad. i need to watch it again for the badness.