Friday, January 9, 2009



---An expressive and neurotic Dutch girl´s pouring a glass of water (holding the bottle with both hands) and I´m exhilirated by how different people are. And when she trills out "Here we are!" it makes me think "Caviar."

---Some of the leaves in the salad have purple veins.

---A plump Dutch lady´s pouring a glass of fine white wine (German, I think)

---Paulo Coelho is a weasel.

---The people next to us had like 15 bags and many of them were overweight. To reduce extra charges they repacked. My wife was watching and she says she saw a bunch of big yellow plastic ropes.

---We picked up fleas somewhere and we´ve been scratching like dogs.

---Like many others, my wife´s found a soul-mate in Elizabeth, Empress of Austria

---I only made it 50 pages into Ken Sparling´s "dad says he saw you at the mall." It reminded me a bit of Robert Lopez´s "A Part of the World," a novel in which a strange woman plays with a strange man´s cock with her feet. (There´s more to it than that but that´s what I´m remembering now.)

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