Monday, January 12, 2009

New Interview Coming Soon

Soon I'll be posting up an interview with Brian Clements re his book "And How to End It"

Whenever anyone asks me where they can find good contemporary prose poems I tell them to buy the current issue of Sentence (or one or more of the back issues.) Sentence contains a great variety of prose poetry, essays, etc. Each issue also contains a good Feature. The first issue features Ponge, Follain and Jacob. (French Prose Poets.) This led me to buy "Dreaming the Miracle" which contains selections from those 3 poets and which, also, is one of my favorite books.

Brian is the founder and editor of Sentence and his new book "And How to End It" is an extremely interesting collection of prose poems.

Here's the Bio Brian supplied me

Bio: of half a dozen collections of verse, free verse, and prose poetry; editor of Sentence and its parent press Firewheel Editions, with the anthology An Introduction to the Prose Poem forthcoming from Firewheel this spring; Coordinator of the MFA in Professional Writing at Western Connecticut State University. Two books in 2008: Disappointed Psalms and And How to End It.

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