Monday, January 19, 2009

Holy Land: 3 Nominations for Cold Front's 2008 Year in Review :)

In the foreshadow (or foreskin) of Obama's inauguration (it's great to see and feel so much excitement around me--the audacity of hope!-- but I hope it's not premature ejaculation. but, o, well, anyways, it's great to hope.) I am very happy and excited to see that Holy Land gets three 3 nodds in Cold Front's 2008 Year in Review Nominations.

Holy Land (or poems therein) are included in

1) Best New Book 2008
Holy Land

2) Best Opening Lines

"There’s a child in a ditch by the side of the road. She’s the source of every drop of blood. Shadows, knives, machetes—angels sharpening the horns of beasts you’ll never see…"

3) Best Thirteenth Poem
(The Artifact itself)

Thanks again to Black Ocean for producing a beautiful little book!

to see all of the nominations go to Cold Front

(sorry, but from this computer i can't seem to link it directly....)