Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Poetry Brothel's Poetry Whores (On Governor's Island) -- No Joke

a note from The Poetry Brothel:

Dearest Dears,

Once upon a time, in a great big city on a tiny world, there lived a little island called Manhattan. On this island, at the southern-most tip, there was a very beautiful ferry station (directly adjacent to to a very ugly ferry station) which ferried art- and poetry-loving masses to a littler, lesser-known place called Governors Island. On this island, there were very few governors but many artists--many, many artists. So thick with artists was this island you could hardly see the walls or the floors or the grasses, but, amongst the grasses that you could see, there were one or two animals to be found. These very rare animals were called "poetry whores," known primarily for their verses and their feathers and impermeable loneliness. Now, starting this Saturday, high above the grasses and surrounding waters, there will be a bedroom, a very beautiful bedroom out of time. In this unfathomable bedroom, you can encounter the loneliest poetry whores who ever lived! Come find them! They will moult and brood and read for you all day.

Noon to 5pm every Saturday and Sunday in September in Section I of Building 12 on the 2nd floor at The 2nd Annual Governors Island Art Fair! For a complete and up-to-date schedule of poets, see The Poetry Brothel website's events section.

Ever Earnestly,
The Management

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