Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Is Seth's Blog Dead??

is Seth Abramson really given up on semi-pro blogging??

For a while now Seth's blog has been saying "Gone for a Spell?"

So, is Seth under some sort of spell? Bewitched?

Well, Seth is blogging. And professionally.

And it's sad. Not sad because he's "corrupt and evil." (I'll leave that to others to talk about. Or maybe they're all talked out and typed out.) But sad because I miss Seth's blogging. Miss his Ars Poetica musings. Miss his Law and Order rants. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss.

I just flat miss his blogging. His semi-pro blogging. (semi-pro because, remember, Seth would occasionally ask for donations.)

I check my blogger feed regularly. Like going out to the mailbox knowing the letter you want and need so badly just is not there.

So, every once in a while I check in on Seth's old blog (knowing already what I'll find. a tomb, a tomb, a tomb!!) and it makes me sad. And that "Gone for a Spell" just tugs at my heartstrings. And the picture of Seth: pensive, pensive Seth. And the serious high-brow stone-marble. O, Seth!

Come back Seth!
Come back Seth!

I know you're busy helping and hustling. But, come on, man, you must have time to satisfy the legions of us who want to see your blogging. Your real blogging!

Come back Seth!
Come back Seth Abramson Come back!!

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