Thursday, September 3, 2009

"James Joyce is Dead" - (The Publishing Industry)

"James Joyce is Dead," Blake Butler's latest post on HTMLGIANT, has generated over 230 comments so far. (A large number of these are Blake's responses to comments).

Blake's point (and lament) is that Joyce, today, wouldn't have found a publisher for Ulysses.

An excerpt from Blake's post:

The dwindling of this confidence in the art, the way it seems to taper off further and further each year as publishers become more and more afraid of losing money in the short term by what is essentially a lack of confidence in the progression of human minds, seems absolutely frightening and wild. In the 80 some odd years since Ulysses came out, and the days of those other aforementioned language freaks that are now so easily accepted as the basis of our literature.

And, there's all sorts of interesting banter in the comments stream.

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