Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Movie Reviews: Tourette's Fly (Inglourious Basterds) and A-Piss-in-the-Face (Bruno) -

Two Movies (Christ!):

1) Inglourious Basterds

two and a half hours of tension building. and i was glued. yawn-buzz.

While watching this movie I thought of a story I heard once upon a time about a Tourette's guy who caught flies. Someone told him "You must move very quickly" or something like that... But, no, he replied, the flies, to him, are just moving very very slowly.

Before I saw the movie my dad told me that Tarantino had just visited Israel, the Holy Land, to see how Israelis reacted to his film. Huh????? (if you've seen Inglourious you'll understand this Huh???? Huh???? Huh???? damn it, i'm so love love love so damned in love with the "?" buttons,.....)

My brother saw Tarantino at an Austin showing of an old movie. Tarantino had the reels. And knew the filmhouse owner. During the show Tarantino and his girlfriend sat behind my brother and chatted away loudly. I'd like to say I'd have told him to shut up. Tension building I guess.

Ron Silliman thinks Inglourious "is in fact, flat out a great film, the second I’ve seen this year (the first being Up). All of this has to do with Tarantino, who not only is smarter than his peers in the directing community by some order of magnitude, but who is capable of showing it off in ways that strengthen the film"

"Nein nein nein nein nein nein!"

2) Bruno

I loved much of the Ali G. show. And thought Borat was ok overall. With some great parts. But Bruno is a disaster. And shame on Elton John, Bono, Snoop Dog and Sting for attaching their personalities and voices to this shambles. (God how I love being moralistic. Righteousness and the "?"-- that's what's floating my boat right now. turning it round now, right round, right round, like a record round....)

This movie's pretty much a drugged-up or mannic or just-screw-you SBC pissing on the movie business and movie public.

But it's not often you can spend all dinner long laughing about the funny parts of a movie you thought was poison. So, ????

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