Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Can I say I Love Blake Butler ???

Blake Butler has signed 2 book deal:

It's been in the making for a while and is official as of today: I've signed a two book deal with Harper Perennial, for a novel and a book of nonfiction. Crazy and exciting for me in many ways, most of all in having a book as crazy as the novel that has been bought is to be considered in the big houses. It seems a sign of good times, I think.

more at Blake's Blog

Blake's a brilliant writer. Fearless. Slaps and handles and orders language. Takes chances. Pulls it off. (most of my opinion formed from the wonderfull novella Ever(Calamari Press)

And Blake just loves language. Appreciates all sorts of good and sometimes good-flawed writing. And promotes it. Very generous. Cranky sometimes. Edgey. Endless energy. (man, it sounds like i'm writing an obituary. jotting down notes for an ode.)

And I write "Can I say I Love Blake Butler??" because Blake wrote "Can I say I Love Rauan Klassnik?" when he talked a bit about my on-line chapbook Ringing (and, yes, I'll take just about any chance to mention and link to Ringing, my foul-mouthed and Rumi-esque chapbook)

Congrats, Blake.


Phil Hopkins said...

I agree that Blake is fearless and talented. And that it's a big win for those who believe in him, and those who are also fearless writers to see him win a 2 book deal.

The big question is will my Featherproof Books copy of Scorch Atlas be worth something on the open market some day?

Rauan Klassnik said...

yes, indeed, that is the big question !!


thanks brother ron

much loves n bloods

Rauan Klassnik said...

blake, i'll take the "blood"