Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Livin' it Up & Dyin' it up (Before & After)

The 2 dead Canadians have made the front cover of the Meridiano agan today.

The article states:

--that the pair were under investigation by canadian drug authorities.
--that one of them had a drug record.
--that the two of them were regulars at Prestige (a local strib club.)
------it says they were going there 2 to 3 times a week and spending up to 70,000 pesos in a night. (that's over $5,000 USD)
(note: who knows how reliable this figure is but I guess they were really living it up.)

When I went to the Gym today a couple of guys were looking at the article. One of them said that one of the Canadians was at the gym last week.

And this made me think of him, moving through the same areas as me. using the same machines. same bathrooms. same urinal perhaps. his sweat dripping on to the machines. on to the ground. his blood coursing through his veins. his heart pumping that blood.

the same blood and heart, hardening already, and placed (tossed?) in the back of a white pickup truck.

And it made me think of an excerpt near the end of an Orwell essay. Its subject was a Hanging. And there was a dog that raced up to the party of the men (the condemned and the escorts) and leaped up to lick the face of the man who was about to be dead.

Anyways, below is the picture of two men, alive, pointing at the camera (miming guns?):

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