Monday, September 7, 2009

¡¡Asesinado!! (Smashed to death by Rocks-- And a big Knife) -- Photogenically Bloody

I haven't posted one of these up in a while: the front cover of one of our daily Newspapers, the Meridiano.

People die violent deaths everywhere. But here tabloid newspapers (we do have more serious newspapers) put the gore in color on the front and back pages.

The victim, The Rooster ("El Gallo") died in the doorway of his house.

"K PAZ" was detained by drug enforcement agents.

I walked down to the plaza to get this newspaper. And walked back up. Drenched in sweat. It's so damned hot here. And it's not raining much. And that sucks because it's the rainy season. It's the rainy season damnit!!

The weather's unreliable. But you can bank on people dying all the time. And many of them violently. Photogenically bloody.

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