Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

2009 is still in its shell but I can hear it chirping. So, some New Year’s Resolutions.

First: I didn’t read much poetry this year, thank God, and I’m resolving to read even less next year. The favorite thing I read all year was a Folk Tale from Finland where a fox procures for his simple woodsman master a castle and a princess. Below is the fox with a dragon called “The Worm.” (the Fox burns him up in a linen closet)

Second: In this morning’s paper there was a picture of a man arrested for masturbating in front of a child. He’s in jail and I’m watching cars and pedestrians cross the bridge beneath the trees. Three hanging bridges cross this river. I’m going to cross them more. (ie, walk more).

Third: I’m resolving not to die this year. In Merwin’s “The Lice” there’s a poem about how each year you pass over the day of the year you’re going to die on. (The Anniversary of my Death). When I first read this poem I thought it was a very cool idea.

Fourth: I’m going to abstain from “Whale Wars.”

Fifth: In the center of the earth there is a stone. In the center of the stone a star. In the center of the star a drop of water. I’m thirsty.

Sixth: My Love Birds won’t have a nest. They kill their babies.

Seventh: I’ll be in Italy in the middle of January and I’m resolving to eat as many pizzas as possible. I want to be a fat, lumbering ox.

Eighth: I’m going to use the words “cunt” and “fuck” less often

Ninth: I’m going to join Gold’s Gym. My wife goes there five days a week. Seven days a week I sit on my ass. Last week I picked her up. All the creatures hopping around and strutting to Madonna and Kylie Minogue songs made me sick. But, I need to turn my life around—

Tenth: I will not get too worked up about Cricket. When South Africa beat Australia in Perth and then Melbourne (these past two weeks) I acted as though my life depended on it. Harold Pinter was a big fan of cricket. The current Australian Captain, Ricky Ponting, goes by the nickname “Punter.” Punter’s a short Tasmanian who’s scored many centuries but he was just out for 99. Howzat!!

Eleventh: I’ve never “believed” (as in a God, etc) but I still used to think someone or something was going to save me. I want to feel that way again.

Twelfth: I’m going to visit the Fish Market more often. The shrimp lady’s a siren. I like to watch her selling. Last time we spent 300 pesos with her: and it was well worth it.

Thirteenth: I’m going to eat more tacos al pastor. The ones down by the Café de Olla. Their agua de jamaica’s really weak. But, O, their tacos al pastor. “Three please, no onions.”

Fourteenth: I’m going to hang that picture I bought in Chiapas.

Fifteenth: I’m going to go back to Chiapas, damnit.

Sixteenth: I will improve my Spanish.

Seventeenth: I am resolving, finally, to not gain weight.


j. a. tyler said...

just finished HOLY LAND and wanted to let you know I loved it. compact, singing, succinct. a really sharp and good collection. thanks for the reading.

Rauan Klassnik said...

hey there J.A.
glad you enjoyed Holy Land....
and re the reading, do you mean Atlanta ?

j. a. tyler said...

sorry, not a public reading, just the opportunity to read such a fantastic collection.

Rauan Klassnik said...

well, again--- thank you....
happy new year !