Sunday, December 28, 2008

Lucha Libre

Last night was my first taste of Lucha Libre. My wife's son, David (20), said it's much more interesting in Guadalajara, but, nonetheless, I was quite entertained.

This was my first experience of any type of live Wrestling, but I’m guessing it’s quite similar to smaller-town shows in the U.S.

Quite different from watching Felix Trinidad and Oscar De LaHoya in Vegas what seems like a million fcking years ago.

The event was held at “La Paloma”—Our Bullring, where every Wednesday a few of our very own prancing amateur-butchers dispense of a few bulls in front of a crowd of mainly Gringos (many off Cruise Ships which dock just across the highway)

Also, I’m thinking I will post a larger selection of pictures up on to my Facebook page.

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