Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Blake Butler "Ever" -- Interview: Questions for the Road


And three questions for the road:

RK: Tea or Coffee?

BB: Coffee. Out the eyes. My blood is black now I am sure, more so than it was before I started with the coffee. Often it hurts to think.

RK: Palm trees or thorn trees?

BB: How about a thorn tree made of butter? That would make for a good waffle before bed.

RK: Cum, shit, spit or blood?

BB: Shit. All the way. Shit for life. Shit castle. Shit beeper. Shit house on the beach in Des Moines. I like blood too.

(to see the rest of the interview look in archives--dec 2008-- or, more easily, click on one of the labels, like Blake Butler, at the bottom of this post)

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