Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Blake Butler- "Ever" Interview

The next several posts are the text of an email interview between me and Blake Butler discussing his wonderful novella "Ever" and related matters.

This is the Bio Blake sent me:

Blake Butler's EVER will be released Jan 09 by Calamari Press and is now available through the book's site online at laminationcolony.com/EVER.

His second book, Scorch Atlas, will be released on 09/09 by Featherproof Books. He lives in Atlanta and blogs at blakebutler.blogspot.com.

Blake Butler is human-buzz. Just reading "Ever" these last two days while Q and A-ing with the buzz-man has me super-buzzed.

Read the interview for a small to medium buzz.
(ignore my questions even).

Then buy "Ever". Wait for it. Read it. Get super-buzzed.

(to see the rest of the interview look in archives--dec 2008-- or, more easily, click on one of the labels, like Blake Butler, at the bottom of this post)

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