Sunday, July 12, 2009

Swallows - Cold about Death

I made a resolution the other day to be cold about death and harshness. Bad things happen. So, yesterday on the way down to the grocery store to pick up some greenish mangoes (my parrots like them sour, sharp) I checked, as I always do, on the swallows nests built along the beams of the awnings by the school.

From one of the nests a dead swallow was hanging. I looked up at it. And from across the street a baby started shrieking.

Then a live swallow, perhaps the dead one's mate, came down on to the nest. Other swallows were singing all around us. There are lots of nest all close together here. A couple of hatchlings peered down out of their nests. They are so orange.

And I guess the dead swallow got caught on the nest somehow. ????.

Yes. I resolved to be cold about death. And harshness.


Radish King said...

i don't believe you can.

Rauan Klassnik said...

:) i don't either... sigh....