Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Gym-God - Albino Medusa

This morning the Gym-God's doing pull ups, a towel hanging from her ass (she looks like a horse clambering up on to an ice berg) and the Gym-God's face is contorted with botox and 4000 pesos worth of creams that "just aren't working."

The whole collection of God-Freaks are here like a retinue of angels fluttering about this filthy emaciated and rippling Gym-God. The horse-face. The monkey-face. And all the other little squawking minions.

On the way over here I saw so many beautiful little orange swallows. They nest in the Gym-God's hair. Poor little beauties. Like brain cells. In her armpits. Her mouth. Her ass and her cunt. In the spaces between her teeth--she speaks and they howl in the disfigured wind.......And still they sing from the wires and bathe in puddles. God bless them.

The worlds revolve around the Gym-God---this anorexic albino Medusa who slumps on the machines and cavorts and drizzles. You can judge the world by studying this sickly sun. Those who approach her are sick, depraved, corrupt and they too will disfigure and implode and leave, like she will, a charred black hole in which nothing and everything rests. Those who flee her are doomed-- lights in their wings flecked in anguish (like swans in harness.) They are doomed.

The Gym-God walks in the cold mist and it surrounds her in fire and the Gym-God bites her nails. And scratches. And scratches. Her skin falls like papyrus porn. Pharaohs and donkeys. She pulls up and up and walks into spinning class. Her eyes are blackening pulled-in blacker and blacker. Filth sticks to her. Light runs. Soon she will be it all though. A disappearing pulsing tombstone.

The Gym-God pedals and pedals and the worlds doomed and frantic ease beneath her. Swallows and dragons and bats mixed like oil in their throats and wings. No time for good and evil. Time like a river. A huge penis stick. No good or evil. It all eases beneath her.

The Gym-God looks in the mirror. And looks in the mirror. And the Gym-God's completely bewitched. Bows down to herself. Hunched and heavy and pale with self-adoring cum.

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