Saturday, July 4, 2009

New Ocho (including 6 Ron Silliman Visions) - Edited by Blake Butler

New Ocho (25) is available now. Click here.

(Edited by Blake Butler, who has great and clever taste.)

The issue includes poems and pieces by Rauan Klassnik, Adam Robinson, Claire Donato, Jamie Iredell, Janey Smith, Matthew Simmons, Sam Pink and others.

My contribution's "Six Ron Silliman Visions."

Here's Vision 3

Ron Silliman’s making love. To his wife. His beautiful and dark wife. And Silliman’s so white they look, entwined, like a zebra. A zebra leaning down to drink from a sunset lake. Flamingos—— billions and billions of pinkness flashing——drag up over a monkey’s teeth. Silliman’s biting his wife. And they’re fucking, not making love. Sheets stained with blood. Bones and teeth. Ron Silliman and his wife are smoking.

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