Saturday, October 3, 2009

Seth Abramson, Obscenities, Taboos and Self-Obsessives

This blog gets lots of hits from people (?) googling phrases like "Big Cock Contest," "Angry Cock," "Fuck Off," "I'm Gonna Beat Your Fuckin' Ass," "Mouse Cock," "Female Pleasure," etc, etc.

But, strangely, "Seth Abramson" also brings a lot of folks here. As many as any of the obscene phrases listed above.

Is Seth really so popular? Or does he just google his name several times a day? :) I'm playing :)

This isn't a post about Seth. It's a post about obsessions.

People are obsessed with sex. (Duh!!!). Obscenties. (Duh!!!). Taboo. (Duh!!!) Themselves. (Duh!!!)

I wonder how many people google themselves regularly? Daily? Certainly a lot of poets and so-called poets do.

Long live obsessions!
Long live Seth Abramson et al !
Long live Fuck Off!
Long live Big Cock Contest!
Long live House Mouse Contest!

Actually, I'm just realizing this IS a post about Seth Abramson. Or, more accurately, my infatuation with Seth. Or, more accurately, my infatuation with Seth's semi-pro blogging. Seth's semi-pro blogging which is now defunct. Or for a while anyways.

But, please come back, Seth. Please.

I have visions of yr blog in disrepair. People abusing it. Blood. Urine. Dog shit. Bird shit. Bat shit. All sorts of manner. So much happens to neglected things, Seth. I can see your columns and pensive looks and they are on fire. Peeling. Fading away. Covered up in a mess of fluids and dirt. O, Seth.

Come back, young man, come back. This is driving me absolutely insane!!

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Elisa Gabbert said...

People get to my blog that way too. plus variations like "Is Seth Abramson ethical?" and "Is tutoring every unethical?" and "the most unethical entity ever" or something like that.