Sunday, October 4, 2009

New "Lamination Colony" now on-line

The latest Lamination Colony is now on-line.

Edited by the ubiquitous (maybe the first time i've used this oily word!) Blake Butler. (not saying Blake's oily. Though I'm sure he is sometimes. And one time, in my bed-camp, I dreamed of snakes and Blake and James Iredell and Amy McDonald,...true, true, true)

anyways, I'm going to check this issue out when I get a chance.

This new issue includes work by

Bobby Alter (winner) and Mark Doten, James Chapman, Mel Bosworth, Christian Tebordo, Darby Larson, Sasha Fletcher, Drew Kalbach, Andrew Borgstrom, Ben Segal (all finalists)

Lamination Colony Publication Schedule, according to the website,
"Who gives a fuck"

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