Friday, October 9, 2009

Da Lyrical Pitbull

just received the following from Facebook:

Wakefield became a fan of Wakefield Brewster aka da lyrical pitbull on Facebook and suggested you become a fan too. To see more details and confirm this invitation, click here: The Facebook Team

This makes me smile. And makes me jealous.

I want a name (or an aka) like Da Lyrical Pitbull

To follow is the description at Da Pitbull's Page:

Poet, Brokun Werd Artist, Hip-Hop Recording Artist;FNDR: b.funkee productionz, pitbull poetree reading seriez, pitbull poetree slam seriez ~ poetree tutor, canadian poetry'z urban icon ov da west ~ daddee

And to follow's more info you can find at Da Pitbull's website:

From traditional music theory starting at age six, to his acceptance in the York University Music Program it was only a matter of time before his artistic muse pushed him beyond the confines of academia.

Writing poetry for the past 16 years, performing live for the last eight, producing two CD’s and winning numerous accolades and International Slams! Wakefield Brewster has left more than 800 stages blistered and bruised eagerly awaiting his return.

Intriguing. But, damnit, I am so damned jealous! Of the name. The name. The aka.


I want to leave stages, hundreds of then, "blistered and bruised"

Cheers to you, Pitbull! Keep at it!

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