Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Sink Review

Sink Review 4 is now up on line here

includes poems by

Jon Woodward
Juliet Paterson
Rauan Klassnik
Paige Taggart
Amy Lawless
Keith Newton
Emily Kendal Frey
Justin Marks
Steve Roberts
Sampson Starkweather

and reviews (under láb nötes) of

Matthew Rohrer/They All Seemed Asleep
Tao Lin/Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Mary Ruefle/The Most of It
Frank Bidart/Watching the Spring Festival
Rick Barot/Want
Kate Greenstreet/This is Why I Hurt You

My poems included here were written quite a while ago. About the same time as the Ringing poems. Reading them now they seem a bit rough. A bit raw. Quite a bit like Ringing. And like, to some extent, Holy Land poems also.

The poem "Again" could easily have been included in Ringing and I probably considered it.

I've just done a quick read through most of Sink Review 4's poetry and I'm liking a lot of it. The Jon Woodward poems are really interesting. I hope to say more about them (and the rest of the issue) later.

The 2nd of the Paige Taggart poems has also made a really strong impression on me.


Rusty said...

Reading through this now--thanks for bringing it to my attention. I liked 'Sunset' very much.

Rauan Klassnik said...

glad you like, Rusty.... when i read these poems it feels like a different world that i can hardly sense any more... nostalgia!....